This is what words look like when they’re not in books.

Working with April Line has been a wonderful experience. She is a great teacher and her depth of knowledge and know-how has helped to improve my craft immeasurably . But, even more importantly, she is the consummate professional, always reachable and responsive. i highly recommend her for any editing or copy editing needs.

rektok ROSS, Author of YA Prodigal, out Winter 2012

Working with April was an enriching experience.  She wasn’t afraid to ask some tough questions and make me think deeper about the direction of my writing.  She constantly challenged me to take my thoughts to the next level, strengthening my understanding of character and overall plot, and challenging me to explore all of the possibilities available to me.  She offered both encouragement and insight into the fundamentals of telling a strong story.  I highly recommend working with her and have a stronger story that I am confident in because of it.

Kathryn Lee Martin, writer of YA Dystopian

I desperately wanted to improve my writing. I am opinionated, reflective and creative, but my grades on undergraduate writing assignments didn’t prove that to be true.    At best, I wrote like an 8th grader, until I worked with April Line.

Now, as a tenured teacher, I can easily spot a person with natural abilities to teach and April Line has that talent.  April effectively uses best practices to teach you how to improve your writing. She and I spent many consecutive tutoring sessions reading over my writing assignments and working on each area in need of improvement without embarrassment.

Before the end of the semester, my grades on writing assignments went from C’s and D’s that needed to be rewritten, to A’s that impressed my professors.  This saved me time and dignity.  Best of all, I found my inner voice as an author, and a passion to write for pleasure. I went from hating to write to actually admitting it is a hobby. I owe this all to April Line.

I can’t thank her enough for making me a writer.  To this day, I bring all the skills she taught me to my own elementary classroom. I write for my students and they love to read it. Not to mention, April’s secrets to good writing have trickled into my 10-year-old students’ writing. Her fine-tuning is easy and makes you feel like a true writer without having to commit to a writing boot camp.  I gained the confidence to blog once and adult audiences wanted more. 

If I can recommend one thing to help with your sanity when tackling those dreaded writing assignments it would be April Line.  

Sharon Lebansky, 5th grade teacher in Bethany, CT

This class broadened my view of my own writing and opened new perspectives on my work that vastly improved it.

 Tracey Amey, Romance novelist

[The workshop] forced me to produce additional writing and think about where I wanted everything to go–in addition to feedback on the content and style… [I am] more focused organizationally, or in where I want the piece to go as a whole.

Ryan Wilcox, contributor to MacTech, and entrepreneur

April Line puts the “vision” in “revision.”  Since high school, she’s had the ability to see opportunities no one else has seen.  I’ve asked April to address students about writing at Pennsylvania School Press Association (PSPA) conferences, and they’ve enjoyed and appreciated her original suggestions and viewpoints.  Recently, a member of our writer’s group looked for assistance reshaping a novel.  April helped out, and both the writer and April felt that they benefited from their work together.  If you’re looking for the same old suggestions, look elsewhere; but, if you’re ready for a fresh perspective that will inspire you and your words, try April.

Robert Hankes, high school English teacher in Newville, PA


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