My Stuff Online

Inside PA Magazine

Shad: Nostalgically Delicious

Susquehanna Life Magazine

In My Own Words: Dutch VanKirk

Rescuing the Shortline Railroads

Artist Profiles: Joanne Landis

Artist Profiles: James MaGill

Sculpture Magazine

Coming sometime

The Reilly Group

Radon: A Primer


Week-long fill in in June of 2012.

Guest Blogs

Jane Friedman: Being Human at Electric Speed.  My piece on digital reading for kids.

Jane Friedman: Being Human at Electric Speed.  My thoughts on literary fiction writers and publishing

The Williamsport Sun-Gazette

Max & Ruby

Danika Adams

The Midtown Men

Williamsport Community Concert Association

Jon Androsky

First Friday Film Williamsport Art Attack

Hocus Focus

Lori Crossley

So We Know We Can Dance

Aly Mitchell

Peppermint Patty

Mark Stabley

Ahmar Zaman

The Pillowman

Terra Bidelspacher

Barbara Andreassen


Alida Frey

A Sampling of Q&As for the Williamsport Sun-Gazette
** For additional Q&As, go to, and in the site search bar, type my name

Claude Bourbon

Sol Driven Train

Leo DiSanto

Jessie Torrisi


The Williamsport Guardian

Food Reviews


Writers Talk

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