More Things For Writey Folk: Resources


These last two Wednesdays have been gobbled up by life. Yesterday, I was going to tell you the story of Child’s sleepover + the strange overheard conversations + the way in which my child’s personality and her friend The Anarchist’s personality are well-suited for sustained play. I was going to post pictures of egg dyeing and everything.

Alas, egg dyeing happened precisely 3 hours later than it was supposed to, so I set them up with three dozen eggs, 9 colors, some “magic crayons,” and made dinner in the adjacent room without remembering to take pictures, which would surprise nobody who knows me.

In productive news, I made a new logo, see?

new logo!
new logo!

And now I’m going to share more writey folk stuff.

  • There are a lot of writing workshops available at community arts centers. Check your local one. If you live near me (North Central PA), you should keep checking here + subscribe to my blog so you get an email every time I post, I will post details and perhaps even my next newsletter, if I can figure out how to get the dang subscribe widget to work. A number of folks have contacted me about the workshops I offer at a local college and why they never run (not my rules), so I’m going rogue (again), and I’ll be offering Wednesday night workshops starting at the end of June at The Pajama Factory. Details to come, but in the meantime, you can make suggestions or requests here.
  •  The Review Review. SIGN UP FOR THEIR NEWSLETTER. It is special. This is tidily organized information you need to break into the lit mag scene, or stay sane in it, including job opportunities, even paid ones (a rarity for us writey types), and tons of useful, enlightening articles, posts, and interviews, like this one by my good writey friend Beth Bates. (tech note: at the time of this writing, Beth’s website proper was not loading, I suspect server maint, and I didn’t want to send ya’ll on a wild goose chase. But please do check her website,, it is bea-you-tiful).
  • Lit Reactor. I found out about these energetic, passionate humans at AWP. They gave me a free T-shirt. Aside from a really cool logo and turbo-professional website, this is a place full of what seem to be excellent, targeted writing workshops available online. Online learning ain’t for everybody, I reckon, but if you live in like BF North Dakota or something, maybe it’s your only option, or maybe you’re too busy to get to a class, or maybe you just love, love, love to interact with people in modern-day forums (online learning is fun and flexible). PLUS, their “magazine” tab is chock full of humorous blog posts, earnest commentary, and essays about craft. It’s important to read essays about craft if you want to be a writer. It’s important to read all the time if you want to be a writer.

Thanks for your patience!

See you next week!


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