AWP Makes Me Sleepy, Inky, and Blissful

My friend Beth enlisted a food service professional to snap this shot. Yes, those beers ARE that big.
My friend Beth enlisted a food service professional to snap this shot. Yes, those beers ARE that big.

There’s a whole bunch of post-AWP posts this morning.

Here’s one I like most, my friend Beth wrote it. Beth is my new in-person friend.  My friend Jamie is why we know each other. Jamie is a good yenta.

The Missouri review posted this.

This guy I met is the editor of this great site, and I encourage all of you to read The Rumpus every day. And buy that incredible coffee mug. I did.

I met Jane Friedman. In person. Jane Friedman is a social media/author platform/online savvy hero of mine.

VIDA is fucking great.

Julianna Baggott wrote a serious blog post about AWP that is worth your consideration.

There is too much to give you a total rundown of the people I saw, met, and was excited to be in the same town with. AWP is rad. Exhilirating. Happy-making.

I spent most of my time at the book fair. I can’t wait to go next year.

Anybody from Seattle reading? Want a 4-day couch surfer in March?


I stayed in Gloucester which is a bit north of Boston.

I got a tattoo on my arm that says Strident Feminist.


That’s not a great picture. I’ll get a better one & show you soon. Promise.

I got the tattoo from James LaCroix at Compass Rose in Gloucester, I recommend both.

Blissed Out

While I was there, I felt great. I felt special. I tweeted about it, and I’m still trying to reckon out how it works that I felt special–like I’m doing what I ought to be doing, unintimidated by the huge number of other writers, most of whom are far bigger deals than I am. I should’ve felt like an imposter, like I feel every time I sit down in front of a blank screen or page. I should’ve felt like there’s no hope for my success in this world. But I felt the precise opposite.

It was affirmative. Encouraging. And gave me more tools for moving forward, even though I failed to make as much use of the conference as I wanted to. As I should have.

My Brain Feels Mushy

And I want to take a nap. A two-day nap. I think I can manage a two-hour one sometime tomorrow.


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6 thoughts on “AWP Makes Me Sleepy, Inky, and Blissful”

  1. I WANT TO PRINT AND FRAME THIS POST. I’m writing a longer piece for workshop in which you will be featured. I’m giddy to be included, let alone headline this wonderful piece is art! Also, how precious is that Isaac Fitzgerald? I saw him holding hands with a man in the mall, and I’m like: once again, gaydar way, way off, and then I heard him call them man, “Dad” and noticed they have the same nose. Sweetheart award. I love that you linked to MO Review, my favorite of the lit mags. I also plan to spend some time with the Baggott one, but I’ve been so busy catching up on sleep that I still need to get groceries and WRITE LIKE A MOTHERFUCKER! xoxoxoxo

  2. Just as fun to read your prose as it is to meet you. Love this, dear, and loved hanging with you and your sweet, sweet, pal, Ben. xo

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