Curiouser and Curiouser

these are my sexy old lady shoesWhen I was little, I used to notice when women wore sneakers all the time. Sneakers at church, sneakers at work, sneakers with suits, skirts, jeans, on holidays, on vacation. I was particularly vexed when women wore sneakers with skirts.

The above image is a photograph of my feet. In sneakers. With a skirt.

I love other kinds of shoes, and I do wear them, though I nearly always regret it after.

Here is an example of a recent time when I did not wear sneakers:

That was at my sister’s wedding.  I was in that wedding, and it was my sister. It was also nine million degrees hot outside, and I took my funky (in both senses) old lady flip flops from New Balance (with the instep support and lowered heels) for the dancing.

I considered wearing my clogs today. With my skirt. It would’ve looked better. But when I do not wear sneakers, my body hurts.

Yes, I know, it’s partly because I’m too fat. But it’s also because I’m not twenty anymore.

Since we last spoke, fair blog readers, I have been head-spinningly busy, and I will be for a few weeks more, but I couldn’t let it go any longer without letting you know I’m still kicking (haha), and that I promise I’ll be back in force in a few weeks.

I’ve got a lot to tell you.  And some pictures, too.  And some more Self (Publishing) Help posts, even though I know you hate those.



Author: April Line Writing

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3 thoughts on “Curiouser and Curiouser”

  1. My kid’s mother wears hiking boots. 🙂

    Seriously I gave up painful “feminine” shoes in my teens and have been happy since. I have so many foot problems that hikers are the only things that don’t hurt.

    As for self-publishing help, I’ll take what I can get. I’ve apparently plateaued around 70 copies sold. I put out a freebie extra extended scene and that has had 229 downloads which is cool, but I have to pay off my editor, cover artist, and other fees. Sigh. So I’m keen to hear your tips!

  2. Not to become a spokesperson or anything but go here for great comfy shoes:
    They are a bit pricey for my budget but worth it. They have various styles from sneakers to boots to pretty shoes.
    The best feature is the “negative heal” which aligns your spine and all that and takes away lots of that pain.
    I had a pretty severe back injury a few years ago (and am still overweight) so I have constant pain problems with my back and feet. These shoes last a long while and really, really, really help.
    Get them if you can!

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