Curiouser and Curiouser

these are my sexy old lady shoesWhen I was little, I used to notice when women wore sneakers all the time. Sneakers at church, sneakers at work, sneakers with suits, skirts, jeans, on holidays, on vacation. I was particularly vexed when women wore sneakers with skirts.

The above image is a photograph of my feet. In sneakers. With a skirt.

I love other kinds of shoes, and I do wear them, though I nearly always regret it after.

Here is an example of a recent time when I did not wear sneakers:

That was at my sister’s wedding.  I was in that wedding, and it was my sister. It was also nine million degrees hot outside, and I took my funky (in both senses) old lady flip flops from New Balance (with the instep support and lowered heels) for the dancing.

I considered wearing my clogs today. With my skirt. It would’ve looked better. But when I do not wear sneakers, my body hurts.

Yes, I know, it’s partly because I’m too fat. But it’s also because I’m not twenty anymore.

Since we last spoke, fair blog readers, I have been head-spinningly busy, and I will be for a few weeks more, but I couldn’t let it go any longer without letting you know I’m still kicking (haha), and that I promise I’ll be back in force in a few weeks.

I’ve got a lot to tell you.  And some pictures, too.  And some more Self (Publishing) Help posts, even though I know you hate those.