Observations from the world.

From flickr user road_less-travled. This is a building near where I live.

A man holds a garbage bag full of rumpled white paper towels.  He puts his cigarette out inside a big USPS Mailbox.  His eyes pingpong in their sockets.

A kid riding a too-small bike has a haircut that makes it look like he’s receding.

A very fat woman wearing a lavender T-shirt plays on an iPad while her five dirty children run around her in circles.

A girl on roller blades wearing plaid cutoffs wheels a black cat down the hall by my studio.

The girl who lives on the first floor of my building sells pink lemonade, I want to buy some, but have no cash; she offers, “Lemonade?” I say, “no thanks.”  She won’t make eye contact when I tell her “good luck” on my way out.

In front of the building where I keep my studio, a man wearing jeans takes a picture of a printed email that’s been taped to the gate with blue painter’s tape.

An old, thin man on a geriatric scooter makes his way across the street via a light that’s not in his favor.

The six-word memoir

I think it was Jamie who posted a bit about the six-word memoir postcard project.

Here’s mine for today:

Delayed understanding is her specialty.

What’s yours?



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Writing about whatever the f*ck I want.

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