PA School Press Association Rules!


Pennsylvania School Press Association is an organization I’ve been involved with intermittently in the past decade or so, presenting at their conferences in 2002 and in 2010.  Their next conference is coming up in Harrisburg.  Check out speakers and panels here.

I was recently asked to join their Advisory Board which is an honor.  I am officially one of the spokespeople for literary journals owing to my literary profession, my stints as editor and associate editor of my university literary journal, and my fondness for literary journals since.  I published a story here in 2006.  I’ll be launching an eJournal here sometime within the next year.

But I’m excited to be engaged with PSPA, to promote responsible media consumption for young people.

Here’s their mission statement:

The mission of Pennsylvania School Press Association is to promote excellence and responsibility in scholastic journalism through developing students who possess sound journalism skills, demonstrate ethical decision making and recognize, uphold, and advocate First Amendment rights through responsible citizenship and informed media consumption.

And they have a swank new website.  Check that out, too.

If you want to promote their mission financially, you can do that here.

And for my part of it, though I do not feel like I am a particularly old person, young people energy gets my juices flowing.  I’m looking forward to contributing to PSPA’s efforts and to helping them to generate ideas.


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