OBX: Houses on the Effing Beach

Shortly before I came here, I was hanging out at my professional space at The Pajama Factory, and I said to a mixed group of people, “I’m going to the Outer Banks.  I’m not sure if they keep my people there.”

“Why do you think that, April?”

“Generally high-end SUVs driving around with those OBX stickers, they prolly own jetskis and shit.  I shop at Target, man. I used to think OBX was some kind of extreme sport, not a dang vacation spot!”

I was right.  They do not keep my people here, at least not on the north side.  But man is it breathtaking.  Here’s a picture of sunset behind a house that you have to drive on the beach to get to.  Seriously.  No paved roads.  Therefore, one MUST own a four-wheel-drive vehicle with some ground clearance to get there.

Why, yes! That is a gigantic house! In the valley of some sand dunes!

Sunset on the beach is the best.  This makes me miss living 15 minutes from the ocean terribly.

Here’s a picture of a pretty sea shell on the sand from earlier in the day:

There used to be a critter in there!

And here’s fun:  the obligatory-you-can’t-really-see-my-face-I’m-a-cagey-blogger photo.  I totally dig this hat.  I think it is going to be part of my uniform for the rest of the year.  It alleviates the need for a sunglasses solution, which is tricky owing to my impaired vision.

Hey, cute hat, chubby girl.

Finally,  all (and I mean all) of the houses here are on stilts.  That means that every time you go up or down stairs, or someone in your house does, it feels like somebody is doing it hard in the room next to you.  Or like a mild earthquake.  I don’t know if I would ever get used to it.



Author: April Line Writing

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8 thoughts on “OBX: Houses on the Effing Beach”

  1. The Outer Banjs, Long Beach Island and Venice always strike me as examples of hubris and hope. The sea erodes human traces, yet humans continue to build. Buildings continue to disappear – gradually or otherwise. Humans continue to rebuild.

    Continuance in the face of ending.

    By the way, the hat is great. When you are ready to commit to the hat thing, try a Tilley hat. A bit costly, but with a lifetime guarantee. We’ve taken them all over the world and they still look new. Or new-ish.

    1. OMG. Those Tilley hats have actual sizes. I do not even know how to figure out my hat size. They’re neat looking, though. I will keep you posted on my decisions regarding hat-wearing. 🙂 I used to wear hats a lot when I was younger. I really like them.

      We were listening to an audio book on the way here about the big fire in Venice a few years back. It was beautiful. But it made us both sleepy, so we stopped. It made me want to read the book, though.


  2. The fire at La Fenice? You must mean “The City of Falling Angels”. Great book.

    The Tilley site should have a size chart. One of the neat features is that they have a little hidden pocket, just big enough for a credit card and a little cash. I will send you a picture of my daughter in hers.

  3. Great post. Thanks for sharing.

    Love the hat! And the great pictures.

    We definitely like “your people” here. 🙂 We’re so glad you chose the Outer Banks for your vacation.

    We’d love to help you plan your next OBX trip. Please let us know if we can help.

    Have fun!

    Seaside Vacations

    4820 N. Croatan Hwy
    Kitty Hawk, NC 27949
    (866) 884-0267

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