OBX post: Writing home & the Beach

This is my first time in the Outer Banks.

I am here because I have generous friends who love me, not because I am actually rich enough to go on vacation.

Getting in the ocean first thing today, and drying off saltily in the early sun and breeze was lovely. I enjoy the water, less the sand and heat. I took a shower in the outdoor shower stall at our condo, but disturbed a bunch of mosquitos as I dried off, so now I have a collection of welts on my belly and back.

Here are some cool pictures I took.

Light house across the dune in Corolla at 8:00 a.m.
Listen, I know it’s a little lame to just take a picture of the ocean like that, but I don’t get out much, and this struck me as magnificent this morning.

I also got some post cards to write, and I’m having fun with them!  I forgot how awesome it is to send mail when one is on vacation.  My mom told me that she used to “live for” my mail home from camp.  That warmed my heart right up.  I used to love writing the letters home.  I did it with a kind of thorough excitedness.

Here is a picture of my pile of postcards:

Yes I am working in bed. What’s it to you? I’m on vacation for chrissakes.

I miss Child.  More than I thought I would.  We’ve been apart a lot this summer.  It’s not really that cool.  But it’s good for her to be with Grandma, and with my sister who she won’t see very often for a some years starting in August.

On her postcard, I wrote about what I bought her (an on-sale, glow-in-the-dark t-shirt), and how much I miss her.

Did you know that post card stamps cost 32¢ now?  I remember when it cost less to mail a letter.  I think the last time I sent a post card, it was 23¢.


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