You Should Read This Stuff. Or Else.

from flickr user jronaldlee

This article sparked some amazing discourse over on Facebook.  Read it.  I’ll be writing a full post about it & that discourse later this week.

Stephen King Does Not Write Literature

This is a fun, quick read about misguidedness in grammar nazi-ism.

From the Chronicle of Higher Education

My friend Jamie’s Short Saturday post is enlightening on linguistic conventions “across the pond.”

Cuts Both Ways

And Penelope writes, insanely, about her family’s stint as reality TV subjects.  The comments are particularly interesting because they begin with some hapless, new reader scolding Penelope about grammar, and morph into all sorts of wooly silliness.

How to Choose a New Career

Here’s the article that I linked in the feminist post, but it’s really important to read for every woman who may potentially ever hope to have a job and children.

Why Women Still Can’t Have it All

And here’s a place for general reading that fills my religions-skeptical heart with glee.


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