Slow Down the Train! Notes on My Personal Relationship with Blogging.

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When I first started blogging in Earnest, was it only half a year ago?  Sheesh…  What happened to the first half of 2012?

But that’s how I roll:

If I’m excited and passionate, it’s total immersion with very little space for perspective until I’m a few weeks in.  So with this blog, I was building and researching it at the same time.  That’s a model that works great in book writing, but not so much with business, I’m finding.

And those of you who know me personally know that I get excited and passionate about a lot of things, easily in fact.  I’m not really cool with just, you know, living the life of a mom, doing the bare minimum to get by.  I always need to be thinking about or studying something or working toward my next Big Goal.

So this blog is that: it’s a next Big Thing kind of goal, a “Holy shit, I can be successful at doing something I love and look at these tools to use to get more successful.  Life is awesome!” sort of thing.

And I get so many ideas.  I get more ideas than I can write.  Sometimes, I try to pile them all together into a single post (that’s when you get weird, but sort of popular, ones like the one about New Girl).

And sometimes, rarely, I don’t really want to write.  Usually, that’s if something else is going on, and I need to chill out.

And I do.  Reluctantly.  I’ve got a ticker running in my head at all times of the 80 million things that need to happen.  And I get in kind of a hurry about stuff–I start to worry that time is running out, and if I don’t do all the laundry in the house, write 1700-2400 words, pitch 8 articles, submit 2 stories, and spend some time with my child & fella in the next hour, that I will have failed at life.

But all this aside, there are some things that need to happen in the next month or so, when things get really hairy at the start of grad school, and one of the things I’m doing to prepare my life for it is to slow down on blogging.  I will to continue to write with energy, but instead of posting what I’m thinking about today, I will schedule it for another day.  I’ve been practicing, and I think I can get comfortable with thinking about tomorrow’s audience instead of today’s.

This pace will give me a week and two thirds worth of material from every week on my present schedule.  It will allow me to get ahead, will give me more time for working on other writing, give me some space to watch and participate in Twitter to greater effect, maybe, and getting some projects I’d like to finish before the end of the year in hand, and it will keep me from going insane over the next three years while I’ll be relentlessly busy with life, my writing & editing business, and school.

So here’s the new blogging schedule:  the posts will go up Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings starting Monday.  That’s May 21, 2012.  There may be occasional Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday posts, but these will be the exception instead of the rule.

And thanks for hanging out, subscribing, and for being dang cool.  I hope you’ll continue to enjoy the blog.  I suspect it’ll be better written and polished.

And keep your eye out.  You’ll see some commerce type changes over there in the right menu bar pretty soon.  And I’m also thinking of toying with the color scheme.  Thoughts?


Author: April Line Writing

Writing about whatever the f*ck I want.

4 thoughts on “Slow Down the Train! Notes on My Personal Relationship with Blogging.”

    1. Ramona, You’re great. Thanks.

      Red, as you may know, is one of my favorite colors. Especially dark red. I think I might make the text darker and the links a different color, though… Maybe. Maybe I’ll be one of those jerks who changes the blog color with the season. 🙂

      Glad to cyber know you.

  1. April my friend, you need to learn to slow down occasionally, take a deep breath, breathe. Meditate. Chillax. Your readers will be here, but the frenetic pace you’ve been keeping isn’t healthy. Glad you recognize this and are doing something about it!

    1. I can already tell a difference. I’ve got next week all done already, and I have such peace. I’m going to be able to take a half day off today. 🙂 Thanks for the affirmation. You’re good people, Smoky.

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