Extremely Temporary Blog Pause

This is from Cea on Flickr, and I just love it. I think I will use this image in every blog post from now until forever.

Dear loyal, faithful friends, family, and strangers who read this blog,

All the blogging experts agree that I should tell you when I’m not going to be posting, or if I’m going to be posting extra.

As I develop my ideas about this blog and my ideas about what I should write about in it, I find that I’m spending too much time re-reading the posts and making tiny grammar/style tweaks throughout the day.  If I can give myself a little more time between writing and posting, I’ll spend significantly less time doing this.

I am working to be more efficient.

So this week, I’ve got a big load anyhow–not that that ever stops me blogging–and I’m going to spend it doing some catching up.  So I’ll be back, bright n’ early on Monday May 7th.

While I’m gone, look into my classes at Penn College.

Check out some of the older posts over to the right.  The most recent 10 are archived there, or you can use the search bar, or if you’re worried you’ll forget to come back Monday, you should subscribe via email or via RSS.

Thanks a million for reading.

And if you’ve got ideas or suggestions for blogging topics–stuff you’d like more or less of–use the contact form, or just shoot me an email at AprilLineWriting [at] gmail [dot] com.  I accept and offer guest posts, please take a moment to read my policy.

If you can’t bear the thought of life without me for a whole week, follow me on Twitter, or check me out on Facebook.  Most of what I post there is public.  Or if you’re only after the posts, but you don’t want to subscribe or tweet, my Facebook Fan page is available for liking to your right.




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