No Mo Weeks to Geek: Today is the first day

So I’m keeping it short this morning so I can have breakfast and enough coffee a pot of coffee in time to register & get my but and my spy pen in seat so as to hear all the groovy stuff I want to hear. Conveniently, it’s all in the same room, and the stuff I’m most intensely interested in is happening this morning, which is also lucky since I’ve got to interview a musician at 3:30.

Thanks for joining me on this voyage of Geekery, and look for more to come ’till next year’s Wildcat Comic Con.

Here’s a really funny picture that none of the news outlets who ran stories were interested in, and I think it is appropriate to introduce you all to Shableski, the guy who organized (with boundless energy and unbelievable connections) this event & has been my tutor in geekery insofar as lending me books and getting me moving in a direction.

That's Shableski there, begging for his life, and those are Storm Troopers of the Garrison Carida 501st Legion. Photo used with permission & taken by Penn College of Technology Staff.

As I interviewed the presenters, I heard a whole bunch of really great Shableski stories.  I’m looking forward to seeing some first hand.

And of course, next week, I’ll weigh in on the good stuff I learned at the Con, and tell you all about Zombie Train, which I’m hoping to talk Fella into attending tonight.  Tomorrow is my stuff (the panel I’m moderating & my presentation).

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