A Dozen Things I Love About New England

This is from Flickr person Bernt Rostad: here's the URL: http://www.flickr.com/photos/brostad/

This is a picture of a place I used to go a lot in college.  It’s where all the writer wannabes go after readings, after class, after anything one might possibly muster an excuse for drinking.

In retrospect, I have no clue how I afforded so many fancy beers.

I believe the address is New Haven, but it’s in an area of New Haven that’s called Westville.  Next to it is an adorable breakfast nook, a jeweler, and a fancy salon.  In college, I worked at a now defunct restaurant called 500 Blake St. Cafe right across the street from Delaney’s.

Delaney’s has some absurd number of beers on tap, and the food is a notch better than most pub fare.  Most notably spicy calamari.

Places like this are one of the many things I love about New England.

Here are more:

1.  I love driving fast, and the freedom of three lanes.

2.  Houses painted or sided in pretty colors.

3.  24-hour diners with Mediterranean faves like spanikopita, gyros, souvlaki, and real kalamata olives on the Greek salads, as well as burger, grilled cheese, and broiled fish.

4.  Falafel Houses with proper shawerma and baba ghanouj.

5.  Wide availability of light cream for coffee at public coffee venues.

7.  TONS of Universities and the cultural opportunities  & political leanings they embody.  Plus, the way all the Univerity’s smarty-pantses are part of the community.

8.  Never more than an hour from the ocean.

9.  It’s only like 5 degrees, but it’s cooler here than it is in Pennsylvania & south of the Mason Dixon.

10.  Jews!

11.  Massive ethnic presence, so massive ethnic grocery options.

12.  Social liberation.  In New England, it’s harder to find people who hate the gays or the brown people or whomever, who would assume a woman on birth control is a whore, or who would care one way or the other if an adult wore her hair in a strange way or had facial piercings.  In public school, the rhetoric accounts for non-traditional families, etc.


Author: April Line Writing

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8 thoughts on “A Dozen Things I Love About New England”

  1. Nice post. I am a born and bred New Englander and I have to say I especially agree with this post. I especially agree with number 11. That and the ocean are the two things that make me most homesick,

  2. OMG how I miss CT!!!! Especially for all the above reasons. Living now in the midwest there is so much of NOTHING to do here….not to mention being land locked– being at the Lake Michigan “Beach” is so surreal– it’s like being on a movie set– it sort of looks and vaguely feels like the Ocean beach but the sand and water do not come close—it can be unnerving….cultural or ethnic life, whether Latin, Jewish, Polish, Amish, etc..etc.. is virtually non-existant or so diluted it is unrecognizable! and 24 hour diners??? OMG those I miss as much as the Ocean… and Pizza… you forgot to list AWESOME PIZZA…..

    1. I did forget Pizza. I’m trying not to think too much about Pizza these days. I do love the stuff, but we have our Shit Pa Pizza day once a month (otherwise I’d eat it daily), and I am trying to be less chubby…. Next year, the 12 things I love about New England post can be ALLLL about food. ❤

  3. I hear ya about trying to be less chubby… its a up hill battle for me these days…

    But one more thing to rant about being kind of stuck here in the Bland Lands …. I don’t know if it is strickly a Midwest thing, but finding FREE full time Pre-K is a joke here. Back East not only was Pre-K actually short for “Pre-Kindergarten” it also had a curriculum, and was part most school systems and was 9 times out of 10: free.

    Here, it is some times called Pre-K, mostly called “Pre – school” is only offered half-days…nay… 2.5 – three hours in morning or in afternoon, not both, which I don’t consider a “half-day”. It costs an arm and a leg for anyone making less then 100k a year AND curriculum is a joke… it is glorified three hour day care.

    It such a thorn in my side grrrrr…. but I get to home school my little one and get her ahead for next year when she begins Kindergarten!
    So the point of my rant is Yay NE for including Pre-K (and some places had “pre-pre-K”) in the school systems.

    (And just remembered decent Planned Parenthood, Free/Semi-Free Medical Clinics especially for single parents and children and all the sort…)

    If I could, I would move back to anywhere on the East Coast tomorrow….even today….right now…. 😉

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