Spring 2012 Rocks, Notes On Family, Weddins, Hijinks, and Love.

Child with Mustache

So far, this has been a pretty righteous spring.

In the picture, Child is wearing a Groucho Marx Mustache that was originally purcahsed for my team, THIMP (or The Hammer is my Penis, thanks Dr. Horrible) at Quizzo Cup 5.

You might remember my wildly self-indulgent post about an unfortunate end to a friendship.  The bad news is that the frienship is still over.  The good news is that the Quizzo Cup event went off with both of us there, without a hitch, and with a minimum of weirdness.

We didn’t win the cup or the costume competition, but we had a blast and tons of beer and deep fried food and pizza.  Good times.

Today is Easter, the celebration across religious disciplines of rebirth and fertility.  Or Zombie Jesus Day.  Whatever.  It’s not important to me for religious reasons, but I have always enjoyed coloring eggs & chocolate.

Child and I are hanging out in Connecticut for a good part of this week with her biological second (or something) cousins on that mystery side of the family.  The older cousins are aware of the relationship, but I have not explained it to Child.  She does not yet really get the cousins thing, and has accepted that they’re related without questioning or upset. The biological connection is kind of convoluted. But this is a great precedent, and these kids are pretty terrific.

Here’s an adorable image of the sister cousins enjoying some co-snuggied, co-pillow-petted fun:

Child and her Some Kind of Cousin.

Child is enjoying her first Easter without my religious family, and Sunggie Cousin made her an excellent, clue-laden egg hunt.  This is much more fun than loads of toys, but we are long on candy (again).

Yesterday, we went to a wedding.  Cousins’ mom got re-married, and invited us to join the festivities.  She used to be married to biological father’s uncle.  That was not good.  There were loads of problems with that union.  But her new man is a gem, and the wedding was a small, unpretentious affair at which we met loads of really lovely people and had some pretty good food.

I get super emotional at weddings.  I cry for joy for the happy couple, and for the terrific energy we expend as humans to make our love known, and for the possibility that the love won’t last.  I also cry, less flatteringly, out of mourning for my own failure to understand the value of the marriage paradigm.  I pity myself for not wanting it.

Today, I’m making wedding-leftover soup.

The hotel pans of wedding food leftovers made the trek back with us yesterday, and totally beshitted the trunk of my car with chicken sauce and chicken fat stink.  Eww.

So this morning, Child and I scrubbed the trunk and backseat of the car, and hosed down the trunk lining carpet.  The backseat was long overdue.  To quote my dear dad, “They call them crumb crunchers for a reason.”

Then, Snuggie Cousin, Child and I dyed eggs and Rugby Cousin is watching something on his in-room TV.  Rugby cousin is a giant, intense, teenage boy.  The last time I regularly spent time with him, he was ten and a less giant, intense, kid.  It’s so cool to see how he’s kind of grown into himself.  He has Asperger’s, and I think that accounts for a lot of his intensity.

And I’m reflecting this morning on family and how comfortable I find it to have a flexible definition thereof.  And how lucky I am to have made such lovely friend-family members in my little life.

It is probably a luxury I can’t afford not to recognize, since Child’s family is at least nontraditional and at most stubbornly odd, given Fella’s and my fairly aggressive plan not to get hitched.

I am reminded today that love is much more important than the names we give our relationships.  I am happy to be me, and grateful for the surpassing generosity of the human spirit.


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