I Used To Suck At Blogging! The Pineapple Chronicles

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I was looking for this post where I described how Child’s former principal was very annoyingly casual and douchey about the fact that he gave my kid pineapple when she was allergic to it.

I can’t find it because I wasn’t good at giving blog posts titles back then, or tagging them.

But looking through old posts?  Sheesh.  It’s amazing ANYBODY at all read my blog! (Thanks, those of you who’ve been with me from the beginning). You can check out the archives, too, I think.  October 2010 is exemplary of what I’m talking about.

The thing I’m not doing that all the blog advice people say to do is specializing.  I mean, I guess I’m sort of specializing insofar as this blog is about me and writing, less often media, sometimes parenting and books, but here’s a post for you to review that really nicely compresses and curates a lot of blogging advice:

12 Dos and Don’ts of Blogging

Now, I do 11 of the 12 Dos, and I don’t recall thinking “gotta knock that off” over any of the don’ts.

Anyway, I was looking for that post about the principal because yesterday, when I went to pick up Child from school, she was in the nurse’s office because she complained of a sore throat. And her teacher said, “I’m so sorry I gave her pineapple, I didn’t even think.”  She kept apologizing.  She said, “I almost killed your kid.”  I was like, “Relax, you amazing lady.”

Child’s teacher is freakin special.  She has talked me down a number of times when I was like, “Ohmigod, my child’s going to become a sociopath and she’ll never get into college.”  I love her.

Here’s the back story:

  • Child is/was allergic to pineapple.  She had a bit accidentally a few months back, so we’ve been getting braver and braver about it, and have tried it in most of the available forms (juice, canned, fresh) such that I don’t even think about it now.
  • Child shared that her pineapple allergy seemed to have cleared up at school one day.  They have a morning meeting in which all of the kids can talk about their days and share stuff a la show and tell.
  • Child has also been sleeping poorly and I think she’s having some kind of social anxiety.  She’s been awfully clingy lately and she woke up yesterday morning and was crying because of a dream she had in which she got kicked out of school for sticking up for herself against the girl who is her BFF currently.

So We’re home from school, and I’m doing some proofreading, and it’s after dinner, after would’ve been Zumba (I went yesterday morning), and I get a phone call, and it’s Child’s teacher, apologizing AGAIN for almost killing my kid.

Her words, almost killing.  I almost killed.

Not that I like that Child’s amazing teacher felt so badly, but it was right for her to feel horrible!  I know I would feel horrible if I accidentally gave somebody else’s kid a food to which she is allergic!  I would be a weeping, blubbering mess.  I would offer myself to indentured servitude until the medical bills are paid.

My point?  Everybody talked about what an amazing fellow Child’s principal last year was.  Everybody talked about how Cochran Elementary was the best school.

Here’s what I can now confirm is true, but have long suspected: Stevens Elementary is a great school because the staff there gives a shit.  Child’s teacher is amazing.

People say Cochran is the best because of the mean income of Cochran Parents and general whiteness.  They are wrong.  Income and skin color do not matter a whit with concerns of love and compassion and empathy.  In fact, I’d say the richer and whiter a person is, the less likely it is for them to have any real understanding about what life is, what people do, and what’s important.

If you doubt me on this, I direct you to CSPAN.

Stevens is probably among the poorest, and I’m guessing too the most ethnically diverse.  It’s like the “city” school.  I love that my kid is around people of color every single day.  I am proud to tell people that we go to Stevens.  I would take Stevens over Cochran every day of the week, and I’m glad we do!


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