10 Things I Miss About Being Totally Alone

this is from public-domain-image.com, and it is also the much more awesome me that exists in my imagination

Faithful Blog Readers,

I have been over-committed for the past several days, and I want you to know that I’m brewing a really cool Weeks to Geek post for tomorrow (I hope).

But since I didn’t post yesterday, here’s a semi-serious list of 10 things I miss from my days before child and partner.

10 Things

1. Pooping Alone

2.  Chick Flicks, Ben & Jerry’s, and weeping concurrently

3.  Only one person’s underwear to wash

4.  Binge Drinking

5.  Dive Bars with Indie Rock

6.  Diminished notion of consequence

7.  Fanstasy lovers + vibrator

8.  Idealizing love

9.  Reading for pleasure

10. No compromise


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7 thoughts on “10 Things I Miss About Being Totally Alone”

      1. LOL! Well you begin to not care so much about the binge drinking. 🙂 And when she’s older, you can take her WITH you to the dive bars with indie rock. I always took Jess, and have stared down more than one bouncer (and disapproving adult) in my day. But I’m the mother. (And it was cheaper to buy him a ticket than pay a babysitter…and since he’d already demonstrated musical talent, it just seemed like the natural thing to do.) Reading for pleasure is like exercise: you simply have to make time for it, even if it’s the last 15 minutes before you nod off.

      2. I don’t really care about the binge drinking now… I took Child when she was a baby and when she was on the inside (she really liked it if I sat against the vibrating wall at the dive bar… it was the only time she was still). She’s *almost* old enough… gotta wait till her bedtime’s past 8:00 p.m… And yeah–I’ve been working on the reading thing. But it always becomes work because I always blog about it… So I think I just have to change my thinking about blog/work/reading…

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