The Trouble With Social Media

  1. It ignites my native napping abilities, but somehow keeps me awake: sleep posting–like drunk posting–is never good.
  2. Whenever I get going on Twitter, it sucks me in like a vortex.  I spend more hours than when I’m spying on the popular girls from high school on Facebook.  But I learn stuff, so I don’t stop.
  3. I feel like Big Brother is spying on me, even though Twitter is the only way I’ll probably ever be in the Library of Congress.
  4. It gives me such a volume of questions about the nature of friendship that I get heartburn.
  5. I know I should be writing.
  6. I wish I were writing.
  7. I know that using Facebook and Twitter and Google+ will help me get people to read my book, once I’m done writing it around my Social Media schedule.
  8. I have Pinterest and Tumblr accounts that I don’t use.  I feel guilty about that like about the aunts I don’t visit.
  9. I have books I should be reading.
  10. I subscribe to a number of marvelous publications, and even when I convince myself that my brain cells will benefit from a few hours off the internet, I think about what I will say in my blog about what I am reading.
  11. I love my blog like I love eating.  The good news: My blog doesn’t have calories.
  12. There is an unending chain of links on any blog post.  Like a treasure hunt with tiny knowledge treasures at every stop.
  13. Facebook tells on me for reading ridiculous articles about Snooki or Zooey Deschanel.
  14. I feel like I must get all the free web surfing I can before the government wrecks it up with laws like SOPA and PIPA.

Author: April Line Writing

Writing about whatever the f*ck I want.

2 thoughts on “The Trouble With Social Media”

  1. “Like a treasure hunt with tiny knowledge treasures at every stop.” It could be me writing this. I just love learning new things. I have an endless curiosity. I can tell you do too — and that’s what makes us interesting people, right? Or let me put it this way: its what makes me interesting TO MYSELF. And since I live a whole lot of my life in my head, I feel justified in putting new things in it. 🙂

  2. LOL–welcome to the 21st century! And book marketing 101, where you start before the book is even out of concept stage. We all get sucked in. It takes the strength of Hercules not to.

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