Come To My Workshop…N’stuff.
Ellen & Jon

 Come to my workshop.  Read all about it here.  It’s Tuesday night, Feb 21, Penn College’s Madigan Library.  I’m going to be talking about illustrated journaling.  The library staff bought journals and supplies, so if you come, you get a free journal.

TIME: 6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.
PLACE: Madigan Library, Room 200
OTHER STUFF: Register Here, or just show up.  You get a FREE journal.  Snacks.
WHAT’S DIFFERENT?:  This workshop is more about process than about methodology, HOWEVER, we will discuss lesser-considered methods of “illustrating” for folks who are not blessed with drawing abilities.

Another Thing:

I’m giving workshops that start in March and this summer at Penn College in the Workforce Development and Continuing Education program.

Reading and Writing the Story is on Wednesdays March 7 to April 11.  It’s very inexpensive, and it’ll be great.  Just ask the testimonials up yonder.

Personal Narrative and Memoir, Going Deep is on Thursdays from March 8 to April 12.  This one’s going to be about telling your own story, including reading parts of other people’s stories, figuring out how to make your story one that other people want to read, and how to access it when going gets rough.

More thing:

My sweet sister is  getting married this summer.  I have seen wedding websites before, but they have never been as clever as this one.  My sister and her soon-to-be hubby are really classy people.  I read their site and got a little weepy and fully of pride.  So you should check it out.  Here’s why: maybe you yourself or somebody you know is getting married?  Tell them to make a website like this one, and not like these stupid ones.

Last thing:

This post is great.  Go forth, read it.  And Oh yeah, click around while you’re there, because my friend Jamie writes tons of great stuff about books.  Her end of year list of books that she linked from her site through the year is particularly happy.


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