Part of a Story, Illustrated Journal thoughts

It occurs to me as I do this illustrated journal that the biggest thing about it is permission to let your creative mind do whatever it wants.  I am primarily a writer.  I do art and music, too, but those are things I do for peace and not as well as I write, and more to take myself out of myself.  I’ve been looking at images online, and reading around about this concept of illustrated journaling–it never occurred to me that it might be a discipline, I have always just journaled–and it seems like it is represented more as lots of drawings, little bit of text.

As far as a discipline, it seems like something a lot of people offer workshops in doing, and that they’re sharing techniques about the how, but not really saying too much about the why.  I have not yet done any reading in google scholar about the benefits of journaling–though that is on the docket.

I argue that it’s whatever you need it to be.  You, the creative person.  For me, I think it has to be more writing than pictures.  And I think that doing it for my blog is a beast of a different sort than doing it as part of my writing/creativity practice.  For example, I have not bitched about my partner at all, nor have I revealed my latest interpersonal distraction, and these are things I would have always done in journals–so as to keep them out of my head, and out of my relationships, and in perspective.  I find I’m frustrated because I can’t say what I need to there, and I can’t share with you the way I want to here–I do not want to inundate you with several blog posts each day.

Other things: it definitely matters about ink color when I’m scanning these pages for you more than it does when journaling is for me.

I totally miss my regular blogging. I miss the sense of engaging with others, in discourse, with a community of fellow bloggers. I may truncate my illustrated-journaling-on-the-blog from twenty days to seven, and occasionally scan a very cool page or something.  Too, I have some books to tell you about.  And some other stuff, too.

Soon enough, I’ll tell you why and how I think both are so incredibly important.

Here’s day 3.

Page 11
Pages 12-13
pages 14-15

Author: April Line Writing

Writing about whatever the f*ck I want.

2 thoughts on “Part of a Story, Illustrated Journal thoughts”

    1. Ha. Glad you enjoyed. I think a positive thing about posting this kind of un-edited, unfiltered crap-fiction on my blog, when I post stories that I consider to be finished here, too, is that people can see that it’s really a process, and even people who are good at writing have to do a lot of work before the work is worth anything…

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