Bloggers I like to whom I will award this JPEG

Here we go.  Those of you on whom I bestow this award, your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to pass this award along to 15 other bloggers, and share 7 things about yourself that your readers may (or may not) know.  You can read mine here.

A note about my awards: I am first awarding to people like me–or better than me, but not so much better than me that they won’t participate and re-award.  These account for about half.  I’m including Justine Musk in this category because I have a small suspicion that she would view this kind of thing as big fun, and participate to prove that she’s not too big time.  The rest will be blogs I think it is essential for you to read, but by people or organizations who are so awesome that my blog is not even on their radar, or if it is, they are really freaking busy doing all the stuff that their big-time public lives allow or require of them, so they will probably not be paying this award forward.

Also, like Smoky, I don’t think I have 15.

I hereby award this Versatile Blogger Award to (drum roll):


1.  Marc Schuster: Marc’s blog is informative and writerly.  He tells good stories.  Go forth, friends, and read him.  And buy his books.

2. Becoming Cliche: This woman is really funny.  And her blog is inspiring because she does, indeed, post every single day, and she uses strikethrough to great effect.

3.  This is me not awarding to Solomonian, since she hasn’t posted since she got a job.  But before she became employed, her blog posts were one of the joyful parts of my day.

4. Jamie Clarke Chavez is my newest cyber-acquaintance, and it turns out, we are the same person separated by about 1,000 miles and an undisclosed number of years.  Seriously, why would you even ask?  Jamie is wonderful, so much so I’m excited to meet her in person, and will travel to do so.  So I’m hereby extending the scope of this blogging award to include exceptional social media cheerleading, friendship, and food love.

5. Ashley Jillian is funny.

6.  Justine Musk.  This is the kind of blog I can get lost in for hours.  Her writing is delicious and she is legitimately a generous soul topped with an excellent mind.

7. Penelope Trunk is inspiring and smart and obnoxious and she home schools her kids.  I love her.  I write about how much all the time.  Doubt me?  Go ahead, plug her into the search bar over there.  She’s easily the most-linked person here.

8.  Julianna Baggott is smart and incredibly prolific.  She’s like 40, and she’s written 17 books, some of poetry, most novels.  Her blog is lovely and she is so thoughtful & generous with her time and thoughts.

9.  Jane Friedman‘s blog provides amazing insight into the publishing industry, what thinking people are saying about authorship, social media, new media, etc. She collects voices.  My blog is not 100% off her radar, since she has published a couple of my posts on her blog, but she is really busy.  And really inspiring in her ability to get stuff done.

10. Copy Blogger is a great place to learn how to do any and all of the following & more: market yourself as a writer, build a platform, use SEO, use social media, find copywriting work, etc, etc.  Very helpful.  Not maybe for all of you, but there’s a lot of stuff there that can be applicable to anybody using social media for business–not necessarily all writing projects & work.


Author: April Line Writing

Writing about whatever the f*ck I want.

7 thoughts on “Bloggers I like to whom I will award this JPEG”

  1. Will check them out, April! I’m finding some delicious blogs as a result of taking part in this, uh, honor. 😉 Thanks for being a good sport and passing it along!

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