Versatile Blogger Award


I got this award today.  Notified on Facebook by Smoky Zeidel.  Smoky’s good folks.

So now I gotta tell you 7 fun things about me that you don’t already know, and then pass this award on to 15 other bloggers.

That’ll be tricky, since I only read about 4 other blogs, and two of those belong to people who I’m pretty sure won’t be playing this game.

But I’ve been meaning to mosey over Freshly Pressed and take a gander at what some other people are doing.  I am continually impressed by this WordPress world.

And I also feel like telling you 7 random things about me won’t be anything new or exciting for you people, since my blog’s kind of random and all I do all the time is tell you random things about myself.

But here goes the outhouse…

1.  I try, desperately, not to use spell checker when I’m writing.  If I get the red squiggly underline, I re-spell until I get it right.  A word I always, always misspell the first time: analyst.  I put an i in there.  Another word I almost always get one-letter-off-right: onomatopoeia.  And it’s not what you think: I’ve got that poeia thing down pat.  It’s the second o.  I want it to be an a.  I can never remember if commitment has two m’s or two t’s.  And I have not memorized the differences between complement and compliment, so I have to look them up every single time.

2.  I own 4 pairs of Converse All Star sneakers.  I own them in red, green, purple, brown.  I have worn them once each since becoming a mother, and they have survived about a half dozen yard sales.  I can’t get rid of them.  They remind me of being 15 and of college in really happy ways.  They also make me feel cool.  I know that the reality is that they make me pretty uncool, and pathetic in that chubby, edging-up-on-middle age kind of way.

3.  I LOVE to roller skate.  I am good at it.  I took Child to a roller skating birthday party, but didn’t get to skate because I didn’t have cash, and they don’t rent skates on plastic yet, so I leaned over the wall and watched the children longingly.  I felt like a sad basset hound.

4.  I have always kind of wanted to be a radio DJ.  I don’t talk about this, because I have recognized radio as a dying medium since I was young.  But I am obnoxious in exactly the right way to be a DJ.  I’m kind of realizing the dream with Podcasts, but I don’t get to say ridiculous things and move my voice around in that showy, radio personality way.  That is what I want.  I want to be the Sunday, SUNDAY, Sunday! guy.

5.  I have probably seen dozens of bands live, most of these were local or regional to where I lived.  But I have seen They Might Be Giants and The Violent Femmes about 4 times each.  TMBG was the first concert I went to.  I was 15, and went to the 9:30 Club in Washington, DC with girls I knew who were 17.  One was a pastor’s kid, which is probably the only reason I was allowed to go.

6.  My first boyfriend’s name was Rex.  I was 20 and in college, he was a year older.  We were both virgins.  Rex had big hands and lovely lips.  He was a nice kisser.  I never talk about him.  It did not end well, but it did not end poorly, either.  We remained friends (sort of?) until I made him mad at my baby shower by taking his picture.  At least I think that’s how I made him mad.  Fella–though I hate admitting this–reminds me of Rex kind of often.

7.  If Rex finds this blog post, even though I think I’ve been reasonably complimentary, he will probably be very upset and demand that I remove mention of him from it.  Fella also hates that I write about him and us and our home, and refuses to read my blog.  I am reasonably certain that a boy I had a major crush on when I was 12 won’t be my friend on Facebook because I wrote a Facebook note about having a dream about him and then Googling him.  I don’t want my blog to ruin my relationships or potential re-connections, but I’m not worried enough about it to stop.

Stay tuned for my Saturday post about to whom the Versatile Blogger Award Goes!


Author: April Line Writing

Writing about whatever the f*ck I want.

12 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger Award”

  1. The way I remember compliment/complement is you compliment something you like. Both compliment and like have i’s in them. Word games. Gotta love ’em! I love colorful Converses too, but alas, I have none. When Scott and I got married, he wore his bright red Converse with his suit. He looked fabulous.

    1. Great Trick! Thanks! When I was younger, I always said that if I ever got married, I’d want to do it on a ladder on the side of a very, very tall building wearing blue jeans and tie dye and red or purple Chucks. 🙂

  2. From coping with the depths of diarrhea to celebrated blog-writing acclaim in less than a week! If that’s not versatile, I don’t know what is. Congrats!

  3. You will go down in hell for mentioning the “fellas” because men are so sensitive about the fact that you actually had other men before them. They are jealous that even memories might steal you away.

  4. Oh yeah, on #1: I screw up commitment too in type (and in life) and also always look up the diff between effect and affect even though I have it right. Something in me thinks I may have it wrong so I always double check.

  5. good post – aah yes – you do have balls though (no pun intended) in talking about the past boyfriends – and I like that! My hubby isn’t absolutely crazy about me writing certain things – and I write speeches for Toastmasters about him too 🙂 but he gets over it. Esp if it keeps me sane 🙂

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