I love being a grownup. I love being a freelancer. I love you.

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There are lots of awesome things.

For example, yesterday, I was reading Penelope’s blog and feeling grateful that people like her exist.  So I wrote her a thank you note.  Remember my New Year’s resolution advice? (I’m referring specifically to number 4.) I wasn’t expecting her to write back, but she did.  And more than that, she said I make her happy.  Hyperbole?  Maybe.  But who cares!  It was a warm fuzzy for a warm fuzzy & I LOVED it.

I gave you that advice because it is something I do that makes my life better.  And sometimes, you get swag.  Like I emailed an author to tell him I loved his book, and he sent me a signed book plate in the mail.

Read here about how Marc Schuster emailed Chuck Palahniuk, and got a whole box of swag.

I may get a new cell phone.  I love my Droid X, but since I got the latest Android OS update, the thing is glitchy and running like molasses. Sometimes, when people text me, I get three of the same text, my navigation causes the thing to reboot every time I use it, and lately, it won’t let me hang up calls.  I really want a physical keyboard, so my options are Droid Pro (not going Blackberry: too limited functionality and SLOOOOW) or Droid 3 (or 4, coming soon).  I think I’ll probably end up with the Droid Pro, because at this point, I do mostly email and texting, and it’s essential to my self-employment, so is security.  Droid Pro has extra security.

The physical keyboard is about efficiency for me.  It’s not a fear of technology.  I spend so much time re-typing things on my virtual keyboard that the thing corrects or predicts incorrectly.  The keyboard software in phones with physical keyboards has different muscles, and is far, far less presumptuous.

I am loving podcasting.  Here are excellent services I have found to streamline the process, answer my questions, and allow hosting without upgrading my storage in WordPress:

This week, I will research two things: getting the Writers Talk Podcast up on iTunes and, down the line, making a CD/MP3 download of all of the interviews and bonus material either as a fundraiser for Blue Lit or passive income for me.  I’m doing two more podcast interviews today, and another two next week, and two are in the hopper for scheduling.

People are so great.  I love them.  I love people and technology.  I love how podcasting marries the two.  I love how I get to talk to people who write books, and they are pleased to talk to me.  I wonder if I could figure out how to get paid for this, like being on the radio or something.  I wonder if AM Talk radio would adopt a rookie like me…

This morning, for the first time in a week, I felt like doing Zumba, and I did.  Now I am salty and sticky and I feel great.

Yesterday, one of my self-employed friends told me that I don’t have to do all the math for my tax return.  He recommended software and an accountant/tax guy.  That will be my big project for February.  I feel great relief over this.

My lover sent me an email about this.  If you are a writer, do it.  It is good practice, even if you don’t get the riches.  500 Word stories are like tweets.   Anytime there’s a ridiculous word-or-character limit, you won’t be able to help but to tone up your craft.  When he sends me things like that, I swell with fondness and am grateful that he knows me so well.

I realized that I do have an eReader on my Galaxy Tab, and the Tab will open PDFs.  If we are not friends on Facebook, you don’t know what I’m talking about.  So do I tell you, or do I tell you to go friend me on Facebook?  Meh.  I’d prefer it if you clicked “Like” at April Line Writing on Facebook, so I will tell you.

I was feeling yesterday just a little like wanting an eReader.  I’m holding out on joining the party.  I know, I know.  I can carry around hundreds of books for less than the weight of one.  I get it.  And they are handy and beautiful.  I’m just not ready, okay?  So I said on facebook that I was wishing I could read a digital book on my couch instead of sitting at my desk.  That’s the story.  Nah.  You can remember.  I don’t want to tell it again.

This afternoon, Child is going to have a play date. Before that, we have a lunch date. It’s an in-service day, so she’s home. Later, I will finish my applications for the PA Artists’ Registry. Tonight, the ballet, and tomorrow, I go to a long meeting with a new client.  Next week, I pitch a ghost write.


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