Beam me up, Scotty! (part 2)

Poetic Public Domain Image

Due to the faithful forward-paying of germs between daughters and mothers, I canceled my swank plans tonight to go to a Poetry Reception at Bucknell.  Yes, that Bucknell.

Instead, I stayed home and judged a poetry contest.

It was for Category #13 of the PA Poetry Society’s Annual contest.  Here’s a link: Click Contests once you get there.

These were poems with the subjects “Arts, Artists, Artistry.”

A lot of them were very, very bad.

One or two–which is enough–were good enough.

I learned about some artists. I always enjoy learning about artists.

Boris Vallejo is a fantasy painter.  Someone wrote a poem about his painting, “Amber.”

Someone else wrote about Felix Valloton’s  “La Ballon.”

But once more, I find myself ill-equipped to offer any thoughts or perspective on the matter.  I am, instead, beat, exhausted physically and intellectually, and desirous of some horrible television.

Goodnight, Fair Blog Readers.  At least tomorrow is free story Wednesday.  So If I can’t muster any thinking, at least I can paste an old, potentially salacious, story.


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