Four Links You’ll Love: or I’m a Lazy Blogger (yeah!)

I took this picture, but don't remember doing so.

I am living just now in that not-space in my mind where all the things I want to say are blurred together, a smear, not distinct from itself or other smears.  There are smears for the grand things I have not done yet, like buy a star for Child’s menarche, or spend a month on another continent.  For the mundane things like taking out trash and doing laundry that I have also not done.

Because I have, all day, swallowed mucous and made hot tea and thought about things, but remained mostly inert.

So instead of attempting to say anything reasonable to you in my muted capacity, I will make some links to things I read today and yesterday that made me happy, and to some nice music that made me sad.

Kristen Lamb is really cute.  I know because I have read her blog, and because she is cute on Twitter.  This post is cute, but it’s also funny in parts, and good advice for anybody dealing with trolls.

I’m pretty sure that I might be replacing Penelope with Justine Musk.  And it’s not for the assonance in her name.  It’s for the rebellion. And for her delicious writing.  

The Rumpus is a great place to get sucked in reading for hours.  This particular post made me really happy, and when I sat down to write for you today, I almost wrote a mimicry of this.  But my brain would not cooperate.  Go forth and read.  And smile.  And then write your own list.  That is my assignment for you.  Post it in the comments or on your own blog and post a link in my comments.

And now for the music that made me a little (or a lot) sad. I mean, it’s sad in a nice way.  Like how sometimes I cry uncontrollably at Johnny Cash songs because they are so deeply felt, so sincere, so evocative.  That’s how these are.  If you know Jim White, he’s like that, too, but with a softer edge, sort of.

Fun Fact from researching the links here: Jim White has a bizarre web presence.  Google him.  Jim White Music.  Click like the first 4 links.  Odd.

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