My Life as a Sound Editor

This is Julianna Baggot's upcoming release, Pure

By which I mean, of course, podcast editor.

But the double entendre strikes me now: Sound-minded editor.  I’m that, too.

I’m so sound minded, in fact, that I resist the temptation to gouge out my own eyes as I truck through Romance manuscript after romance manuscript.  As I feel simultaneously insulted and envious that people whose idea of swell writing is a hopeless monsoon of cliches and tropes and shallow characters get to write books for money.

Those of you who just joined me today will be pleased to know that I’m not typically whiny, and even this bout of green is being countered by positive action.  Podcasts.  With authors who write good books.  Whose genre fiction is riveting.  Who have taken the time and care to study the craft before hitching pants with RWA and shitting same novel after same novel into the greedy mits of the “reading” public.

Tomorrow, the podcast with Julianna Baggott will go live.  Next week, I interview Smoky Trudeau Zeidel who has a terrific and  revealing anecdote about her literary fiction book whose title and label changed–nothing more–and is now selling.  Later this month, John McNally, author of Troublemakers, and After the Workshop.

And this, friends, is only the beginning.
Shameless Plug: Swooped in to save my life and my wallet:  The interface is smooth and modeled after WordPress.  If you podcast, you can get a free account.  If you get to podcasting like you mean it, they will sell you tools at a reasonable monthly price.


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