Stream of Consciousness, Billtown Blue Lit, Dizzy, Grateful

Thank You

Today, I am grateful.

Here are things I am thinking about:

My other dead grandma.  Not the one I wrote about here.  She used to come into our house in the morning in winter, wearing a too-light coat, and exclaim, “It’s DAMN cold out there!” Yes, caps and italics.  It was the word she said most enthusiastically.  It is a shame that she didn’t live longer and that I didn’t know her better.  I think she is my spirit guide.  WWFD, What would Flo do?

Great friends, supportive family and people, and new adventures.  I launched the Billtown Blue Lit fundraising campaign last night at Start Some Good.  I am so grateful to have $300 of support already.  I feel like a sentimental ninny, and I feel validated.  So often, I shout my ideas into a void, and my throat gets raw and I hop up and down and get red in the face and I say, “somebody help me! I want to do something good/cool!”  I think a couple of things are happening here.  1.  I’m a full-on grownup.  People think I’ve learned something about life b/c I’m now 31.  So that belief/faith/deference that other people show toward me fortifies my inner strong person, and makes her confident and productive.  2. I live in a really Excellent Town.

And here’s how you can help, too: go to Our Campaign.  Donate.

I want to provide shout-out links to these excellent, smart, good-writin’, supportive or prolific humans who have helped with this project directly, or who have helped my brain these past few months by giving me great stuff to read, replying to my increasing stream of solicitious emails, or pledging to the campaign real early, or providing great ideas, or agreeing to be on the board.

Help them by visiting them online, buying their books, their merchandise, or reading their blogs.  You can also just give them a great big virtual smackeroo on the lips, cos they deserve it.

These are in no particular order:

Jamie Clarke Chavez

Carlos Antonio Delgado

Marc Schuster

Julianna Baggott

Penelope Trunk

Tim Parrish

Katney B

Ellen Line

John McNally

Steve Almond

Brock Clarke

Cathy Day

Alex Budak

Ron Currie Jr.

Jo Steadman

Jim O ‘Connell


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