Schtupping: 12 Romance Genre Sex Tropes

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I have always loved sex writing.  In college, I read a lot of it in lovely literary fiction stories.  Literary sex writing is called erotica.

But romance novels are the ones whose reputations would provoke readership based on sexy writing, I would posit, undeservedly.  But Romance genre has a massive and enviable following, and I know that there are folks who both read my blog and with whom I am personal friends who would be upset that I’ve said so.  But I can’t take it back.  Call me a snob.  Lash out if you want.

The easiest difference to describe between the two  is the use of tropes.  Romance has ’em, and erotica doesn’t.  Erotica aims for an impression or a psychological experience of sex, often using pronouns in place of words like cock or mound, and does not provide lurid details about the actual orgasm, as in “She spasmed around him once, then again, then again.”

I proofread and copy edit romance fiction now. It is nothing like a guilty pleasure, but I am in total awe of the doggedness & networking genius a lot of contemporary romance fiction writers possess.

I am often struck by how the tropes are sort of porno, that is, they stylize sex.  In fact, almost every romance heroine has multiple orgasms, every time; and people are always coming at the same time, “shattering into each other.”

The women become aroused instantaneously, and their juices regenerate, even after hours of “mind-blowing” penetration.  Even if the men are bloodied by battle, drunk, tired, or broke, they can always get it up, and always please the lady first.

Don’t get me started on the magical way in which strong, smart, competent heroines suddenly become simpering, drooling fools who can’t so much as tie their own shoes as soon as large-cocked, clever, oddly hairless, well-muscled men arrive on the scene.

Believing there might be some value or validity to these tropes,  I’ve personally employed some of the methods they describe–often to wan effect, or to discover that they are not physically possible, probably not even for skinny people.

Here are a dozen examples.

1.  She sheathed his length.  The length is always considerable, and her sheath can generate an ocean’s worth of lady lube.

2. Her thighs quivered (with desire).  I don’t know about you, but my thighs only quiver if I am going faster than a plod.

3. She swirled her tongue around the head of his cock. Trust me, he won’t notice.

4. She was hot, wet, and ready.  Like spaghetti.

5. She melted into him.  So she’s become tallow?  

6. She wanted him inside her.  Snore.

9 . He jack hammered into her. Ouch! 

10. She tested the weight of his balls in her palm.  Oooh.  Magical detachable testicles.  Nice.  I wonder if they smell like lemons.  That would be cool.  

11. Her nipples were dusky peaks. Huh?  So like mountain tops?

12. She clamped his face to her breast, encouraging him to suck harder.  Be careful, lady.  Don’t want to suffocate the guy.  


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