Billtown Blue Lit, Letter to you

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Dear Friends, Neighbors, Relatives, Mentors, Heroes and People,

I’m starting a nonprofit.

Those of you who know me well are not surprised.  I am happiest when I’m captaining my own ship.

Here’s the elevator pitch:  Billtown Blue Lit will host a free reading series in Williamsport, PA that will benefit local business and writers of literary (not genre) fiction nationwide.

If you don’t know, a reading series is a succession of events in which authors appear to read their work in a public venue, out loud.  These events provide publicity for authors, and an opportunity to sell and sign their books, as well as to meet with fans and generate positive PR.

Here are some details of the project: First of all, the authors will be well compensated: paid for their time, reimbursed for their travel, lodged for free, and given a food stipend.  As much of this as possible will be provided through local businesses.  In the beginning, Billtown Blue Lit will employ myself and two interns.  Within the first few years, I hope to create several full-time positions by starting an online/eBook (and small run print) literary journal, a writers’ retreat, and a book group, hiring a development person, and an administrative person.

That’s getting a bit ahead of myself, though.  For now, I need your help in small ways.
I’m running a StartSomeGood campaign to raise the money to start the project starting late next week.  I’m sending you this message now to let you know how you can help.
As the campaign and project progress, there will be updates and opportunities for you to get involved.

The campaign at StartSomeGood is to fund the first two months, and to buy some time to work on grants and launch another campaign.

You’ll be able to read with more specificity about the goals of the project and about how we’ll use the money we raise once the campaign is live.

There are donation levels starting at $1, and donor rewards ranging from shout outs on Facebook and Twitter to t-shirts, to signed copies of books for the first year the series runs, naming rights, and sole sponsorship credit, exclusive Skype attendance or reserved seating at the first few readings, and Coffee with the Author tickets.

The campaign will run for 50 days (until Late January), but I’m emailing you now because we need to hit the ground running with some donations on the first day.

I hope you’re as excited as I am by this project!  If you have other ideas or questions, please reply to this email!

Here are four ways you can contribute:

1.  After December 7th, Go donate at  I’ll email you a link, or you can search Billtown Blue Lit at  SSG is a crowd funding platform with an all-or-nothing funding model.  The campaign won’t charge you unless we reach our tipping point goal of $15,515.00.  Every dollar is a step toward realizing the project, so even if you can only afford $1, please do.

2.  Forward this message on to everyone in your address book.

3.  Come Like us on Facebook:

4. Become a campaign captain: Send this message to at least 50 of the people in your address book, post on Facebook or Tweet to your followers at least once a week about the project starting now until February 1.  If you want to be a captain, reply to this email, and when the campaign’s over, you can choose from either a Blue Lit t-shirt, an MP3 of the first reading, or reserved seating at the first reading.

Sincere thanks in advance, and warm wishes for you and your people this holiday season.


April Line

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