On Recovery, Holidays, and Work Schedules

this is from The Worldwide Gourmet (.com)

Until almost bedtime last night, I had not done a lick of work since Wednesday the 23rd when I drove to NYC to pick up my little sister at Penn Station.  That was an 8 hour day in the car.

Driving in NYC is not like other driving, and being a good city driver is a skill set that makes you suck at driving in, say, Williamsport, PA.

I love Williamsport, but this town is full of deeply defensive drivers and SUVs and Fracking trucks which is a recipe for total frustration and potential disaster.  There are also too many blue hairs driving Chevy Cavaliers, ancient Buicks, and Cadillacs.

In an unrelated aside: Child is watching a cartoon on Netflix that has a theme song by The Cure.  Catches me off guard every time.

Back to driving: going because you have to, and driving at the maximum possible speed are invigorating habits, and ones I forgot I had.  Driving in NYC was illuminating.  I acquired city (and New England) driving habits when I was a pretty young driver.  These habits are why Fella (and others) say I am a bad driver, and why people in college used to talk about what a good driver I am.  I am not a bad driver, I am a misfit driver.  This place isn’t city enough for my driving habits.  Realizing this, however, has made me cognizant of the different driving behaviors I need for Williamsport, and I’m working on it.

In another unrelated aside: Child is reading now.  She has shut off the TV of her own volition and is reading to herself.  Every fifth word or so, she shouts in here, “What’s K-N-O-W?”  I am totally proud. (Before you judge me, it’s a sick day, too.  She’s got a fever and a cough.)

So Child is home today because it’s the first day of Buck season.  Another thing that is silly about PA that is not silly about other places I have lived and visited.

Fella and I had a lovely long weekend of cuddles and beer and too much eating and breaks for coffee and kisses.  Child was visiting Grandma.

Thanksgiving as a vegetarian is only nice if you have an accommodating family.  I happen to be lucky in that way.

I am tired but renewed, and glad glad glad the holidays only happen for 1/12th of the year.



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