Regis Quits, Child Laughs, Sandler Writes a Poem

I robbed this from People

Go listen to this edition of Fresh Air.

Adam Sandler wrote this poem as Regis:

How could you leave us, Regis?
Your quitting is simply egregious.
We need your banter with Kellygis.
You two make us laugh till we Peegis.

Child and I were in the car after Zumba at the Y, and I’m vaguely amused by this poem, but Child is guffawing.  She’s laughing so much and so hard there’s no way she can hear what Adam Sandler’s saying.

She laughed because the studio audience was, which I realized today, while I re-listened, which basically ruins the impetous of this post.

Because what I was going to say is how Adam Sandler must be preternaturally funny, if Child knows he’s funny just because he’s talking, especially since I’m sure that egregious is not yet in her vocabulary, and since she doesn’t know Regis from her grandfather.

But now I’m listening to Regis talk on the edition of Fresh Air, and looking at this picture I stole from People Magazine, and thinking about what a deeply down-to-earth guy Regis must be.  Does it look like he has plastic surgery?  His teeth are magically more straight, but dentures maybe?

I remember watching him on TV when I was a kid.  I remember thinking Kathy Lee Gifford was a witchy, shrewish, obnoxious woman, even as a little girl.  She made this record, and I liked it okay.  My mom listened to it kind of a lot.

Then, I watched a few times after Kelly Rippa took over, and she made me want to vomit with all of her completely ridiculous warbling about her fatness.  But Regis seems like a totally genuine fellow, but I found the women on his show to be horrifying.

And this picture makes me think that he’s as he seemed: A very sane, thoughtful, deep, down-to-earth person who was paired with ninnies on TV because watching two sane, thoughtful, deep people talk about something is not really compelling TV.  That’s what Fresh Air is for.

So now Regis has written this book, How I Got This Way, and I kind of want to read it.

And as I listen to this piece, he has these really normal-people kinds of thoughts about himself, and he is really gracious about all of these things people are telling him about himself, even though it’s clear that he’s not supremely comfortable with all the accolades.

It seems like he just shows up and acts like himself.  I like that.  That’s what I want to do.  I want to show up and act like myself.  Maybe Terry Gross will let me be her apprentice.


Author: April Line Writing

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One thought on “Regis Quits, Child Laughs, Sandler Writes a Poem”

  1. I like being surprised by things like this, things I might not have considered, and then following that spark of interest. It’s led me down some interesting paths. Read it! Now I’m curious.

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