New York, New Ideas, Old Passions

Today, Child and I are going to New York City.  It will be her first time since she was on the inside and I went to see the Christo exhibit in Central Park.

I love New York.  I love all cities, but New York particularly makes me feel alive and happy and inspired.

We are going to visit friends who just ran the New York City Marathon.

Marathons are way harder than Zumba.  I have been doing Zumba.

I am looking forward to walking around the city in the fall with good people, and I hope that Child will feel some of the awe I do.

But before I go pack & iron out my directions & make sure I’m ready-ready, I want to tell you all about this great idea I’ve been hatching.

I’m going to start a literary reading series in Williamsport, PA.  That’s where I live. I’m going to call it Bill Town Blue Lit Series.

In college, going to literary readings was my favorite thing.  Like going to New York, going to a literary reading leaves me bursting with new, great words, and feeling happy and connected.

Williamsport is a great town.  Home of Little League Hall of Fame (and World Series), and The Pajama Factory, and Brodart.  We have a wonderful arts community, a number of arts venues that is startling compared to our population and political affiliations.

I’m putting together a budget and looking for readers.  I’ll be launching a kickstarter page in the next few weeks.

I want to raise the money for the first six months.  The ultimate goals are lofty and include promoting literacy through community involvement, hosting a writer’s workshop (like this one), and starting a scholarship fund for writers who are children of single moms.

But in the short term, small scale, immediate vision, there are readings that are free to the public, high quality readers who get paid to be here, and another aspect to the already rich cultural presence here.

I will need your help.  Stay tuned.



Author: April Line Writing

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