Mom Rant: School Breakfast Sucks

from Real Simple

The image above is what I would like to know my kid is eating for breakfast if I let her eat at school.  But I generally don’t.  I feed her when she wakes up in the morning.

How do people keep their kids from eating breakfast at home?

My kid is a grump until she eats.  Breakfast is the only meal she eats consistently and fully, every day.  She eats bread and milk and fruit mostly.  Her school offers free breakfast at 8:45, school starts at 9:00.  Here are my issues with that:

1. It’s unbelievably unhealthy to ask a 5-11 year old to house breakfast in 10 minutes.

2. Just because some moms don’t feed their kids breakfast doesn’t mean we all need free breakfast.

3. Who’s paying for this program?  Oh right.  Me.  So because I feed my kid at home, I’m paying for breakfast twice.

4. My kid gets up at 7 or before.  It is downright cruel to deny a growing body a hearty meal in the morning, or to make them wait for a pile of empty calories that they must inhale at school.

How many kids are eating breakfast twice?

Obesity?  Hmmm.  They say they feed the kids things like granola and fruit and milk, but I know the granola is commercial, loaded with sugar, and probably only marginally better for them than a bag of potato chips.  I suspect that the stuff they serve at school is really more like this:

Why is the school breakfast program not optional in my town?

Look, I know there are kids whose parents can’t afford to give them breakfast.  I know there are kids who wouldn’t eat except for free breakfast and lunch at school.  And that breaks my heart.  But why can’t those parents just opt their kids in, and keep kids like mine who eat at home, from eating breakfast twice?

My kid is always running into the school during the morning announcements because I feed her at home.  I feel a little badly about that.  We’re often crossing the elementary lawn as the Pledge of Allegiance is being recited.


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