Vacation Posts: What I learned about Dogs

This week, I’m going to do some blog posts about my recent vacation to Rehoboth Beach, DE. Little Pearl and I returned on Saturday, and this is my first day back to work officially.

Lessons about Dogs

  1. Dogs are way, way cuter than people.
  2. People who have both dogs and children would prefer to talk about their dogs.
  3. Dogs are not allowed on the beach before October 1.
  4. Dogfish Head Brewery makes excellent beer.
  5. Dog-friendly dining is available at Dogfish Head Brewery & at Grotto Pizza on Rehoboth Ave.
  6. Dog collars cost 6x as much as they should at the doggie boutique.
  7. Designer mutts made with a poodle are in high demand.
  8. Dogs don’t have any mores about statutory rape.
  9. There are french fries and taffy mashed into the boardwalk specifically for dogs.
  10. Dogs especially enjoy the odor of dead things.
Where the dogs sniff

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