New Favorite Blog: Offbeat Mama

My dear friend, Brooke Welty, sent me a link to this swell blog via Facebook.

The blog is about unusual families doing non-mainstream stuff.

The first post I read there was about a mom talking to her kids about sex.  I almost died laughing.

There’s another about a Sweeny Todd photo shoot with kids, parents with naming remorse, piercing for 6-year-old ears.

And the other neat thing is that the blog is inclusive of all non-mainstream practices and people: Single moms, step parents, LGBT parents, hetero parents. ALL non-mainstream parents.  And the best part: It’ snot a self-righteous whine fest.

Go there.  Read.  Tell them I sent you.  Maybe they’ll give me some free advertising grease.



Author: April Line Writing

Writing about whatever the f*ck I want.

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