New Workshop Dates

Last night was the first meeting of my first workshop.  It went beautifully well and I am excited beyond excitement for future workshops.

The next series of Workshops will begin on October 19th and 20th respectively.

The workshop that begins the 19th is for High School writers, and will be propelled by thinking about Personal Narrative with a view to producing a beautiful College Application Essay.  We will read creative nonfiction, a bit of memoir and essay.  We will read successful College Application Essays.  We will do exercises aimed at going deep, at getting to emotional truths, and then we will pile all that viscera up into a serving of impressive pretty.  Of course, students who are not working on the College Application Essay are welcome to join us.  Students who wish to write fiction and poetry are also welcome.  Thinking and writing about the blurred line between fiction and nonfiction in the craft is helpful for writers of all stripes.

The workshop that begins the 20th is another adult workshop.  Adult writers, ages 18 and up will read and write.  We’ll read fiction, poetry, and essay.  We’ll do writing exercises, prompts, and talk a ton about each other’s writing.  We’ll talk about strategies for getting to new depths and heights with our writing, and for overcoming block.

New dates are posted under Register, which is now located under the Workshop menu heading.  Register early since space is limited to 15 students per workshop.



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