more online shopping:

It seems to me that is a one-stop-shop for really anything that can be sent to you in a box. The website is pretty, lots of high resolution photographs that are linked to pages of other items like it. I especially like the all categories link. In the all categories link, there are additional links under each category for top products and top searches.

I’m not sure how the site works, I suspect it is via some magic of database mining and then linking, because the text that appears on the top products page is not formatted consistently. This leads me to believe they’re somehow linking to the external sites from which they sell, for example eBay and Amazon.

Another thing that startles me about is that they seem to only be a launch pad to other sites, so the deals can be spotty. It’s not like they’re collecting the best deals on the web, then sending you there, it’s like they’re collecting all the things on the web, then sending you there.

Here’re a small smattering of items for which one could shop: in the shoes category, footjoy classics, hightop shoes, nurture shoes. In the books category: contemporary American fiction, chick lit, children’s literature. In the office category: office chairs, storage solutions, desk organizers


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