Maternal Insomnia

It is 2:00 a.m. where I live.

About an hour ago, which was about 3 hours into my sleep for the night, my little girl seemed to sleepwalk into our room, crawl into bed, cuddle up against me, and immediately turn to dead weight. Heavy breathing and all of it. Sweet-smelling little kid noggin, hyper warm, but wiggling, as kids are wont to do.

My romantic partner, who suffers interruptions to his sleep poorly, asked what was the cause of the wiggling, and persisted in vocalizing his discontent until I was good and awake. As I am now.

The sweet child turned on the hall light, and the romantic partner shouted, “What the hell?!” I said, “Hey!” I brought the child back to her room, procured some water for her, and tried going back to the grown up bed. I laid there, stared at the lights that blinked off the ceiling for an hour.

The romantic partner, who can be cuddly in the night, asked me for some cuddles and reminded me that he loves me. I think this was his means of apologizing for being so vocal and impatient and annoyed.

Still. My sleep was interrupted at precisely the right moment that my body believes that I should be awake for the day’s work. This may also have something to do with hormones.

Writing and Business Owning

I’m so on a roll on my satirical novel about a church camp and its, um, dramas? that I don’t, don’t don’t want to do my other work, which this week consists of proofreading a romance novel, writing a piece about fish for a newspaper’s magazine that is just south of here.

Also, I need a website, and think I’m going to just use WordPress.

Also, I need to buy a url. I wish there was one I could just pay $x.xx for and have forever.

Also, Tooth E.T.s are in the works. See image above.

more online shopping:

It seems to me that is a one-stop-shop for really anything that can be sent to you in a box. The website is pretty, lots of high resolution photographs that are linked to pages of other items like it. I especially like the all categories link. In the all categories link, there are additional links under each category for top products and top searches.

I’m not sure how the site works, I suspect it is via some magic of database mining and then linking, because the text that appears on the top products page is not formatted consistently. This leads me to believe they’re somehow linking to the external sites from which they sell, for example eBay and Amazon.

Another thing that startles me about is that they seem to only be a launch pad to other sites, so the deals can be spotty. It’s not like they’re collecting the best deals on the web, then sending you there, it’s like they’re collecting all the things on the web, then sending you there.

Here’re a small smattering of items for which one could shop: in the shoes category, footjoy classics, hightop shoes, nurture shoes. In the books category: contemporary American fiction, chick lit, children’s literature. In the office category: office chairs, storage solutions, desk organizers