Cochran School Nurse II

The war wages on.

Pearl had a potty accident today. So the Cochran School Nurse called me and requested a change of clothes.

Yesterday, Pearl had the balance of her immunizations and her physical check up. Dr. O’Hara, her pediatrician (who is simply lovely), said that her school nurse is also a beastly, naggy person. I wondered out loud why someone who likes neither children, nor even people, should want to be a school nurse. We all laughed.

After Pearl’s appointment, I dropped her and a copy of the physician’s report (complete with immunization record) at school.

So today, after I helped Pearl change into her fresh clothes, the school nurse, who now has a name (Mrs. Miller–Pearl asked her), said, “Pearl showed me where she had all her shots. Can you give me a record of those?”

I explained, with a chill in my heart and a sneer on my face, that I turned them in with the office. She said, “Oh. Mrs. Thompson must have them.”

Why are these elementary school professionals such poor communicators?

This side note is interesting to me as a feminist: When she called Brad, she called him Mr. Miller. When she called me, she called me April. I mean, I generally dislike being called Ms. or Mrs. Line (I get Mrs. a lot now that I have a kid. It’s a bit creepy since I’m not a missus), but for the Cochran School Nurse, I would make an exception, and I am curious about the higher level of respect she shows to Brad. Hmmmm.


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