Mr Bubble T-shirt Offer

So I’m in the shower thinking about how my multi vitamin is working because I’m losing less of my hair now (ah, 30). Pearl’s new bottle of bubble bath catches my eye. It is Mr. Bubble. I practically forced her to get it, because like Dum-dum wrappers, the Mr. Bubble T-shirt offer always fascinated me as a child. I Wanted that T-shirt. I thought maybe I’d get it for Pearl. And one for me, too.

So I’m reading the offer, and I get to the part about, “while supplies last,” and I think, Who are they kidding? Supplies have lasted since at last the late 70s, I’m sure.

I do some web research. Go here. Vaguely creepy, but some vintage commercials indicating that the T-shirt offer supplies may have been lasting since the 1960s!

The Village Company? Too evocative of The Village People to ignore. If it wouldn’t be inexcusably tacky, I’d make a label called “things that make me go hmmm.”


Author: April Line Writing

Writing about whatever the f*ck I want.

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