more on the NaNoWriMo debate

So if you didn’t already, please go read Carolyn Kellogg’s column responding to Laura Miller’s piece that you can read by going here.

My last blog post is a link to Carolyn’s piece.

I have never participated in NaNoWriMo, but Kellogg’s piece made me want to. And the haters, particularly the commenter who called Kellogg non-logical and juvenile (with his very own style of non-logical and juvenile hating), and the idea that there is any universe in which writers exist in absurd proportion to readers (I do not know a single writer who is not also an avid reader–reading, and lots of it, is essential to developing the craft), made my writerly little soul twitch with annoyance and frustration.

So I don’t know if we can join in late, but if we can, let’s do NaNoWriMo!


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