I love food and I’m on a diet


For 2010, I decided that this chubby girl needs be chubby no more! That was 4 weeks ago, about.

I ate so much ridiculous and delicious food around the holidays, but each year, starting in November and ending after New Year’s, eating gravy and overcooked meat and carbohydrate and fat laden holiday food is exceedingly delicious, but every year, I find myself eating nothing but grapefruit and dry tuna for about a week in January in order to feel detoxed. This year, I just decided to carry the torch and diversify.

I recently joined dailyburn.com. My boyfriend’s on it, too. We’re each other’s motivators, which is good since we’re both really into food. You could maybe call us foodies.

Anyway, for somebody who’s totally into cooking and eating, when my daily menu looks like this

1 c raw baby carrots
1/4 c mixed salted nuts
2 string cheese
pita with hummus
grape tomatoes
other miscellaneous veggies
other miscellaneous fruit
1 c. organic fruit yogurt from Wegman’s

for days and days, well, I get bored.

So i finally got a moment to cook something and I made this turkey breast. I marinated it in lemon juice, garlic, olive oil. Then I baked it (a scoche too long, it’s a bit dry), and i threw together some fake tzatziki sauce (lowfat plain yogurt, onions, cucumbers & a touch of black pepper and garlic powder), and I warmed up a pocket-less pita, and I added some grape tomatoes and feta cheese and cucumbers and baby spinach, and folded it over, and ate it up like a sandwich. YUM.

So today, I think I am making a huge, giant delicious spinach salad with the rest of the turkey and other veggie deliciousness for dinner. The point is that my little pick-around approach for the first several weeks was good because it got me in the habit of thinking about calories and nutrition and health and things.

Though I just had this kind of brilliant idea for a delicious tuna pita melt that would be kind of junk food satisfactory, but not unhealthy. At least, not as much as the pizza I’ve been craving.