I love Pandora

So this very attractive hipster man came into my office at the job one day. His name was David Romeo, of all super-perfect-literary-life-moment things. I was listening to Pulp (sorry kids, all I care to invest the time to find is a fan site), on CD in the CD drive of my horrid work computer. It wasn’t even a burned CD. It was the proper CD with the case and liner notes and everything. Not MP3s. [It seems relevant to note that I am kind of slow on this whole music technology thing. I won an iPod Nano a few months ago at this thing, and I put like 9 songs on it and that is that. I keep thinking I should put the whole music library on it and put it in my car so I can listen to anything without messing with CDs, but I like CDs. Then I think I should sell it on eBay. But I bet the next big thing is coming out, so I missed my moment on the Nano selling.]

So David Romeo, who is trying to talk me into getting my bosses to get us up and running with eBay Motors goes, “Are you listening to Pandora?”
“No. Pulp.” I said.
“I know.” He said. “You should try Pandora. It’s online radio and free. You tell it what you like, and it plays music like that.”
“Cool.” So of course, as soon as David Romeo leaves my office with cards for my bosses (who are luddites), I set up my Pandora account.

Anyway. So I made 2 Pandora stations so far. It’s like LastFM which my Mac-antagonizing, hipster-mocking, IT boyfriend prefers. So if you are like a boyfriend of mine (who is also divine), maybe you would like LastFM more.

And Pandora has these cool concerts. And the whole reason I wanted to make this blog was to say that I’m so pumped about the embedded video. Pandora told me he was good for people who like Jeff Buckley. And I do. But I can’t listen much because he, like Johnny Cash, makes me weep. I do not know how people can live and feel so much. I guess they can’t because neither JC nor JB are still with us.