I ordered business cards

So like I keep saying, I’m so unhappy in my current job. Sad Days. I’m not an unhappy-in-my-job kind of girl. I like working, generally. I generally like my job. Just not this time.

So I went to Vista Print and ordered business cards for two companies I’m starting. (I suppose when I decide to take charge, I go all out.) One is April Line Writing, and that’s the one I’m most serious about, and the one that already basically exists since I have three proper clients. The other is Mama Lirpa’s Cookies.

I only have a groovy slogan for Mama Lirpa’s Cookies. “We take the hassle out of home baking.” The idea is that I’ll sell cookie dough (or prepared cookies). I also like the idea of being a cookie caterer. I show up with the cookies and keep the coffee made and the cocktails refreshed so that the host(ess) can enjoy her party. That’d be fun. And I’d be wicked good at it. So anybody know anybody?

I joned LinkedIn. But seriously, NOBODY I know is on LinkedIn.

I think I’ll change my employment on all the other social networking places.

Wednesday, I’m making cookies for a local B2B netoworking group.

Things are looking up.


Author: April Line Writing

Writing about whatever the f*ck I want.

2 thoughts on “I ordered business cards”

  1. I know it–my dad has been trying to get me to start a business called “Lirpa’s” <>anything<> since I was 11!! My boss calls me Lirpa now. I call her Euqi-nom de plume.

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