November is Novel Writing Month

I toyed with what to call this post, since it’ll undoubtedly be so totally manic since it’s been like ever since I blogged. July 20? Sheeit!

Here were some of the titles in the running:

Election Selections: Mad Musings from a Frustrated Libertarian
BYOB–and other nifty slogans for breast cancer awareness bumper stickers.
Do you understand Facebook? I totally don’t.
Blah Blah: Boring my friends one at a time

But I went with November is Novel Writing month since it has crested in my noggin today, since I have not done any of the 15 pages I promised myself I would have done by today. 5 pages a day x 30 days is 150 pages. So it’s going to be catch up a bit, but I think I shall manage. I have good ideas and a depressed streak going for me. I’m often the most productive writer when I’m feeling a bit low.

I saw a Breast Cancer Awareness sticker this morning that had a pink ribbon in a little white oval (like the kind people get when they go to the Outer Banks) that said “ta-tas!” I loved it. I thought another fun one would be “Bring your Own Boobies!” and “Titillating.” I mean, maybe these are totally trite. I mean, no maybe. They are totally trite. But such fun!!

I am deeply frustrated by this fine election we’re having today. The failure of the two-party system is so deeply implicit in it, and everybody’s talking about the wrong stuff. Or maybe they’re talking about the right stuff, but not letting enough people talk about it. It’s like the government thinks we’re stoopid or something.

I’m on a crazy job search. I apply for like 2 every day. I’m so finished with my job. I am not adequately compensated. And that is most of it, but there are other things too. Since I’m boring all my friends with the play-by-play of my frustrating and burdensome quest for a new job, I’ll keep it to what I’ve just said.

And there’s facebook. Sometimes I forget that facebook is something most people check all day every day. Yesterday I changed my status to that I was weeping, and I was. That’s not something that I find to be so earth-shattering. I weep fairly often. I think it is healthy. So everybody I know posted a concerned response to my staus and I was startled. It was sweet, so very sweet, but I felt all guilty and stuff for having caused so much worry. It was really nothing–just the obligatory pre-menstrual weeping. I’ve wept a bit today already and will likely continue to do so. Anyway–I am really confused about facebook. The people I know who are supposed to be confused by it seem to get it way, way better than I do.

Maybe I am a luddite deep in my soul. Tuff. I’m applying for a job with Apple, Inc. later today. That’s right. I want to increase Steve Jobs’ wealth so that Obama can spread it all around and McCain can be like, “I have more houses than he does.”

Go Vote, People!!

And Look for more-frequent updates.


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