And Oh My God Online Radio

So, somebody recently pointed out to me that a lot of the music I like is either folk or David Bowie-sounding.

So I recently learned all about Pandora. (This is going back to that whole Luddite thing I’ve mentioned–I think it is probably decidedly unhip to only be learning about Pandora online now, right??) I like the Pandora interface better than Last FM. Just now, Pandora is playing some Rolling Stones for me. I feel like a jerk, but I find the Rolling Stones to be terribly boring. gasp.

Anyway–I’m liking this business of I tell it music I like, and it figures out my taste.

So far, it has not played me a single David Bowie song. bwah ahaahaha. I bet if I put in David Byrne it’ll give me some David Bowie.

It’s giving me way, way too much Velvet Underground. I like the Velvet Underground, but I’ve heard most of their stuff. I want to hear new stuff. So do I tell it Velvet Underground, then it quits playing so damn much??

I’m gonna’ try it.

Oh kay. Now I want it to give me a bunch of brit-a-billy. (I just made that up. But I tricked you, didn’t I? I made you think I know stuff).


Author: April Line Writing

Writing about whatever the f*ck I want.

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