I hate my job and the coffee there.

People who shop on the internet are the most endlessly passive-aggressive people in the whole freaking world. Plus, everybody hates car dealerships, and if you’re not right in front of the shopper, it’s a lot harder to make him love you with your winning personality and surpassing cuteness.

The coffee here, though the woman in charge of it claims that it is the second-most-expensive commercial coffee available, is the worst swill I have ever sipped.

Quitcherbitchin, you say. You’re right. I should quit complaining and just be pleased that it’s free.

I think I shall risk offending the aforementioned person-in-charge-of-coffee and bring my own coffee maker & fine grounds. No more CVM mochas* for me!

*CVM mocha: 6 oz black coffee, 2 oz phony powdered creamer, 1/8 of a packet of hot cocoa. Add sugar or sweetner if you like. It’s almost drinkable.


Author: April Line Writing

Writing about whatever the f*ck I want.

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