at the lip of a downward spiral

Today is the first day I feel like myself again. Since our little run-in with the law, I have been sort of revelling in self-pity.

Despite Cash Bash (where I got money, free food & booze and an iPod Nano just for selling some Subarus!!), hanging out with groovy peeps, QT with Ms. P, getting at least one new fan of my blog and having some small successes at work.

I tried to explain to my mom and sister earlier why I think it is healthy to allow periods of wallowing in the dark of self-loathing & pity. It did not work. I told them I’d be even more insane if I didn’t. I do not think they were impressed (or convinced).

For example: I made up this thing that I say when I burp or fart: It’s like a parody of the 23rd Psalm. “Pardon me, for yea though I belch in the valley of the shadow of gastro-intestinal anguish, I shall fear no flatulence.” My sister told me that I must be quoting Monty Python. She said that tomorrow I may admit that I’d made it up about making it up.


Author: April Line Writing

Writing about whatever the f*ck I want.

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