Blog Envy

Okay. I know why I do not read other people’s blogs.


My blog is so boring and un-funny. Other people write funny blogs. Even other people named April. In Wisconsin. Right Here on Blogger.

I have serious blog envy and I am linking her over on the right, because she is cool and she has my name.

How many uncool Aprils do you know?


Author: April Line Writing

Writing about whatever the f*ck I want.

3 thoughts on “Blog Envy”

  1. Yowza, you sure know how to welcome a girl to your blog!I can did the new name The Other (Cooler) April. It’s like Ladies Love Cool James, except with less lip-licking.I did know two uncool Aprils (a category into which you do not fall): April B. in middle school, who threatened to beat me up just because I tried to get her and another friend to stop fighting. So I called her an idiot. And April P. in college, who was dull, had no personality, and farted a lot. Worst. April. Ever!

  2. There was an April for me in Jr. High who was decidedly uncool. April W. Very stuffy and we all suspected that she masturbated through her jeans in class. ?? April W got a little cooler in High School. Thanks for hanging here a bit and bringing your friends, too…I’m starting to see how people get the energy to check in on their blog or write every day.🙂

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